1. Is this custom construction?

No presold construction is not the same as custom construction. For a presold, you choose one of our plans and a lot. We have allowances in place to keep the house within appraisal range.

2. If I chose to do a presold, what can I pick out:

You can choose brick, flooring, counter tops, paint and trim color. Upgrades are available for flooring.

3. Can I have granite counter tops in a presold?

Yes, but granite counter tops are out of the ordinary for Lost Orchard and very expensive. You must put down additional earnest money before they are installed. Earnest money is nonrefundable once granite counter tops are installed. We cannot guarantee house will appraise with granite. If it does not appraise for enough to cover the granite, then buyer is responsible for making up the difference. Builder will not lower sales price to accommodate granite. Your lender can arrange to have the house appraised before granite counter tops are installed (after it’s bricked). If it does not appraise you may choose to pay the difference or change to ceramic tile counter tops.  Call if you have any questions.


4. What do we need to get started?

A letter from your lender saying you qualify for a loan.  $2000 in earnest money.


5. Can I pick my builder for a presold?

Craig and Richard prefer to rotate presolds, however if you already know one of the builders or they have built a house for a family member, ask and we can handle this on a case by case basis.


6. Do I meet with the builder before construction begins?

In some cases the builder or one of his foreman can meet with you to look over the lots. But you will meet with Beth Scharwath to go over plans and specifications and determine your sales price. Your agent should be at this meeting too.   If you are buying a spec house, the foreman responsible for that job can meet with you to go over an additional questions you might have. This is by appointment only and it must be done during regular business hours.


7. I am not working with another agent. Can Beth Scharwath be my agent?

Yes, I have permission from the sellers to act as a dual agent, but if you are already working with a real estate agent, you should stay with them. We like to co op with other agents and we will pay their commission.

If you are uncomfortable with dual agency and don’t already have an agent, I can recommend several agents that will be glad to write the offer for you and represent you in the transaction. We will pay them from the commission split.

8. Do I need a professional home inspection?

Yes. If you find a builder who doesn’t want you to do a home inspection, you need another builder. Your home inspector must be licensed to inspect new construction in Mississippi.  You are not required to do one, but it is highly recommended. They provide a punch list and it’s always good to have another set of eyes.

9.  I already have a floor plan, can I use it?

Possibly. It will need to be reviewed by the builder. If changes must be made to make it fit the neighborhood, you are responsible for paying for the changes. You must use House Plan Zone to make any changes.

10.  Can I just buy a lot and have someone else build?  No. We do not sell lots

11. I like one of your plans but can I make a few changes?

 Yes, but again you must use House Plan Zone for changes and you are responsible for paying for those changes.

12.  How long does it take to build?  90 to 120 days. Usually closer to 90.

13.  The house is ready but my lender is not ready to close? Can we extend the contract date?

 Usually yes, but builder reserves the right to charge daily interest for every day the house does not close after the closing date. This is to cover the additional expense to him on the construction loan.

14.  Can I move in before closing?  No, the builder’s risk policy will cancel if you move in early.

15.  Do I need a construction loan?  No, the builder gets the construction loan and you buy the house like a regular purchase when it’s complete?

16.  Will you lease purchase or owner finance?

If you have 15% or more to put down on the house, the builders will consider this on a case by case basis.  Your down payment is not refundable.

17.   Do you have four bedroom plans?  YES


18.    Can I make changes to a spec house under construction?

It depends on the stage it’s in. If flooring/painting has not been ordered then you can usually pick that out.

19.   My family member is  painter/electrician/plumber/carpenter/ etc,  can they do some of the work to save me money?

This will be considered on a case by case basis.  The builder will not warranty their work.  If they delay construction because they cannot do the work when it’s scheduled, which delays closing date, purchaser will be responsible for additional interest the builder incurs.

20.  What kind of Warranty comes with the house?  There is a 6 years state warranty

Click here for copy

21. Can I get an FHA, VA, or USDA loan?

Yes, the builder will provide a 10 year bonded builders warranty  if required by the lender.  Both Craig and Richard are VA approved builders.

22. Why isn’t there a light fixture in the dining room?

There is a light fixture for the dining room. The builders will hang this after you have moved in so they can center it over your table.


23.  I already have a real estate agent. Can I use them?  Absolutely.  We will pay them from the commission split.


24.  Can I work all my closing costs into my sales price?

Yes. The builders will pay $2000 towards closing including closing attorney fees.  The remainder of the closing costs must be added to the sales price.  However, the builder will not reduce the price of the house if it does not appraise for enough to cover the additional closing costs. This usually isn’t an issue but just keep in mind your final sales price must stay within the appraisal range.


25.  Will the builders negotiate the sales price?

No. We calculate the sales price based on cost. Any upgrades you add are added to that base price.  Keep in mind that because the builders do not negotiate the prices of these homes, your property value is protected. If they sell one to a person for less than asking price, it lowers the value of the other homes in the neighborhood.


26.   How much landscaping is included?

Builders include 12 pallets of sod. You may purchase more sod to be delivered with these pallets.  Price of sod can vary.  Builder will also include a foundation bed with straw and some plants.


27.    How much does it cost to build.

The price of labor and material is constantly changing.  And the foundation affects the price in Phase IV so we do not have set base prices for presolds for Phase IV.  However, if you will pick out the plan and and 1st and 2nd choice lot, we can get you a quote.


Check back for more questions or email me if you have one I missed.

All prices subject to change without notice.